Zoltan Sasvari

Backend developer and photography nerd

Java's SimpleDateFormat is not threadsafe

Recently we discovered that we have been using java's SimpleDateFormat in multiple global functions. This however is not the best ide since it turns out SimpleDateFormat is not threadsafe.

Bsoffene Weixl

Yesterday evening my friends and I visited a new bar in Graz called Bsoffene Weixl.

Building a chat 1: Handling votes and likes

This is the first installment of my chat building miniseries. In this article I will show some good practices and ideas how to handle likes and votes when you are building out your chat system.

Portraits at a family wedding

I wanted to test out my 50-140mm ƒ2.8, luckily I was invited to a wedding, which was the perfect opportunity to shoot some portraits.

Fifteen Seconds Festival ´19

Fifteen Seconds Festival is an immersive two-day experience, designed to create an environment where everyone can exchange ideas and push each other forward.