Every year I go to this festival, to meet new people, listen to some great talks, try out the newest consumer tech and most importantly just have a good time.

So who is Fifteen Seconds Festival for?

“Fifteen Seconds unites a global community of curious minds, from students to CEOs. We welcome everyone who is eager to learn, grow, and explore new ways of thinking. It’s the mindset of life-long learning and openness that allows us to gain skills and make contacts that enable us to build an exciting future.”

So here are some of my personal highlights from this year!

We rocked the stage

This year wen not only had our own booth, one of my coworkers was actually as a speaker there. Markus (our resident data scientist) presented the AI tech that powers Talto. This tech is co-developed by Know-Center as part of an FFG research project.


KS+ (Karl Karner) did a really interesting performance art with Claudet and Franciska (she was my classmate). Karl makes sculptures, socks and pantyhoses which turn the wearer itself into an artwork.

Meeting new people (and taking photos)

Every year I meet a lot of interesting people, and because I had my camera with me so of course I took some pictures. I mainly used my X-T3 with the 16-55 ƒ2.8 and the 50-140 ƒ2.8.

Interesting stuff to buy

Every year there are a lot of merchants here, they offer various products. These products are not avaiable in “regular” stores, they are often handmade, or produced by startups which don’t have the ressources to produce in large quantities. That’s why these items are often limited edition.