I wanted to test out the 50-140mm ƒ2.8, luckily I was invited to a wedding, which was the perfect opportunity to shoot some portraits.

This lens is incredibly sharp, probably the sharpest lens i own, the subject (my brother) is well separated from the background. Previously I used my 50mm ƒ2 for portraits, this lens blows the 50mm right out of the water, the 1-stop difference (ƒ2 vs ƒ2.8) can be easily compensated by using a greater focal range.

The bokeh is a little bit swirly (look at the 2nd picture) but I really like the look. So will this replace the 50mm? Probably not, because this lens is nearly 9 times the weight of the 50mm (1770g vs 200g). I love the 50mm because it is so compact, I always have it in my messenger bag. the 50-140mm is far too heavy for that.